Cancer Fighters Support Chatbot

Cancer Fighters Support Chatbot
Cancer Chatbot


We cannot imagine what the patients or family members are dealing with. But we can help, inform and support them, so that what we did. We rebuilt a chatbot for Jonno and his wife, Allison Boyer-Dry’s.


One of the most important things Cancer Chatbot possesses is the important resources it comprises. Here are some of them:

Resources of the Cancer Chatbot

Now users can always have them on hand. Besides, Cancer Chatbot includes helpful tips and recommendations for those who are somehow related to the disease.

Project Overview

  • Chatbot development
  • Design of the cards
  • Quality Assurance
  • Product support

Cancer Chatbot allows users to skip from one section to another as needed. Also, having galleries with images and emojis makes the chatbot easy to perceive.

CancerChatbot — Project Overview

To Search for the answer to a certain question, simply type the inquiry. The massive database allows users to get valuable responses full of important and valid information. The info is presented in the form of an easy to perceive gallery.

Once a required resource is found, Subscribe to a search result or blog posts to get its updates and not lose it.

Cancer Chatbot includes Categorized and Thematic Blogs to find the information according to the user’s needs.

To help people dealing with cancer, you can Donate via Paypal, Venmo, YouCaring etc. All the resources can be trusted as they have passed validation by the chatbot founder.

You can Leave a Feedback right in the bot. Use the button to share the important resources, or to share good words with the founder of the chatbot.

What We Created


Site search is one of the most important features of the chatbot. In the case of its improper optimization, the bot would easily lose its value.

Our goal was to improve and make the site search more targeted. To get an answer to a question, users can choose certain themes in the form of quick replies or simply type their queries. Some of the search queries are already set up in the chatbot for user convenience the form of the answers is handy and easy to perceive.

Users see all the variants of answers in the form of a gallery. The cards comprise an image, heading, subtitle and “Read more” button. It redirects users to the source of an answer. Users can also subscribe to their search result and get updates on a certain theme.

– Daria Vynohradina. Chatbot Product Manager

Chatbots for Healthcare

The previous version of the Cancer Chatbot was very inconvenient to use as its structure was circled. There was no option to go back to the previous step or the main menu.

We connected the cards by Postback buttons and Quick Reply buttons. Under some of the Postback buttons hidden the links so you can to go to the web view by a click. Setting up AI rules lets to find a block by writing some word in the chatbot.


The initial version of the bot was chaotic and not user-friendly. Our main aim was to reorganize the structure of the chatbot and solve such issues as UX-dead ends and closed cycles. Initial flow was too difficult to follow. Users used to get lost in the mass of texts and resources and just leave the chatbot. The updated chatbot allows users to skip from one section to another, perceive information with no difficulties and never be left with dead ends. Also, the chatbot provides users with alternatives for further steps that might be interesting. Bot’s considering the user’s current location, point, and place.

– Viktoriia Tymoshchuk. Chatbot Product Manager

Chatfuel Plugins

Quality Assurance

Chatbot for Medical Institutes


• Performance testing and Stress testing based on the client’s loading requirements. The object for conducting such tests is a server.

• Usability testing based on the Facebook Messenger Platform Guidelines and Usability Heuristics

• Portability testing that included cross-browser and cross-device testing.

– Anna Tkachenko. QA Engineer

Product support

Experience the Chatbot



Mastery Matters!

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