In-house app developer vs development company: finding the right contractor

Things you should remember while choosing the right app development company:

  • It is important that you choose the right app development company and in order to choose the right app development company, there are certain things that you should keep in minds. Well, what are those things? The things that you should keep in mind while choosing the right app development company is listed below:
  • You should choose that company who are always strict with their deadlines. It will ensure that all your opportunities are used properly and there isn’t any kind of wastage of opportunities. Moreover, it would also help in saving your money, and because, you will not have to spend your money on false promises.
  • The company you are choosing should have a good profile. If an organization has worked with reputed clients and had provided a solution to various problems then it would help you a lot. The profile of the company actually helps you to know what kind of problem the app development company has dealt with.
  • You should be able to have a look at the product development cycle as well as the transparency policy of the company. The company you would be working with should have a transparent relationship with you. Moreover, you should also be able to look at the feedback loop that as well as for the prompt action errors that are there and you should also have a look at the change request system that is there. It is an important thing that you should look for. Along with transparent communication, you should also give importance to faster development, only then you could choose the right app development organization.

What should you go for consulting firm or in-house app developer?

Advantages of in-house app developer:

in-house app developer
  • Internal developers do not have any kind of financial motivation, and they could be easily freed from those approaches, unlike the consulting firms and even the freelance app developers who are there. It is so because the freelancer and the consulting firm could charge a high price for the work that they are going to provide.
  • There is a kind of self-serving motivation that is attached to the internal developers who are there, which allowed them to serve a long-term relationship. The internal developers thus will be responsible for the codes that they are coming up with. Since they have to maintain and they most of the time, maintain a long-term relationship with the company, therefore, they are responsible in most cases.
  • You could very easily observe that the in-house developers are more valuable to you because their knowledge gets better with the overtime. Moreover, the seasoned developers, who are there are not only valuable but if they work directly for your company then you, could gain a lot from it. Thus, the internal developer could be of great use to you and your organization.

The disadvantages of the in-house developer:

  • If your organization does not have any in-house developer then you will have to hire new developer and train them, which would not only be costly but also at the same time, it would also invest numerous amount of risk as well.
  • The flexibility associated with the in-house developers is very less. If you are looking for full-time in-house developer then you should make sure that the employee is hired for 40 hours and at the same time, you have to provide the employee with overtime, if he/she works extra time. In case of freelancers and consulting firm you will not have to face any of these things.

The advantages of software consulting firm:

software development firm
  • The consulting firms launches hundreds of app almost every year, therefore, they are highly experience in case of app development. Thus, if you partner with these firms then you gain a lot from their experience.
  • The consulting firm often allows a flexible team to work for your app development project. The size of the team depends on the needs that are associated with the team.
  • Sometimes, you may feel that you need the help of a specialist to fix a particular problem. Your in-house developers may not have that specialist, therefore, in that case you could take the help of the consulting firms who are capable of providing experts, who could understand the problem and could also provide possible solution to it as well.


  • Most of the time most of the app development firms are very expensive and often the expense of these firms allow the companies to go for in-house developers.



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