Ok Google, What Google Updates Were Presented at Google IO 2017 (Day 1)

Machine Learning Google Updates: Next Generation TPUs

The new Cloud TPU to train and run ML models
A “TPU pod” built with 64 second-generation TPUs delivers up to 11.5 petaflops of machine learning acceleration

Google Assistant Updates: ‘Ok, Google’ Is Now Available for iPhone and Smart Home Devices

Home Automation with Google Assistant
Just point your phone at an object and the Assistant will tell you what it is

Google Home Updates: Free Calls and Multiple Accounts

Google Photos Updates: Sharing is Caring

Source: Google Youtube Channel
Relive and share your favorite moments with photo books from Google Photos

Google VR Headset: Fiction or Reality

Source: Google Youtube Channel

Mobile Operating Systems Updates: Android O beta and Android Go

  • Notification Dots on the icons that open a message on a preview window by a long press.
  • Auto-fill in apps.
  • Smart Text Selection. You select one word from, for example, a three-worded name of a company, and it selects them all.
  • The Picture in Picture option to place a small video box on the desktop, with no need to hide other apps.
  • Vitals that boosts the security and makes a boot time twice as fast.
Source: TechnoBuffalo
Source: CNET



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